Time Management and Language Learning

For some people, the phrase 'time management' is a profane blasphemy.

An important skill to cultivate when setting out to learn a language is something that has nothing to do with languages, and that is time management.  Regardless of the learning method you pursue, whether that’s formal classes, tutoring, textbook learning, input-based learning, spaced-repetition flashcards, or anything else under the sun, you will fail if you … Continue reading Time Management and Language Learning

Efficiency in Language Learning and What it Doesn’t Mean

A big topic of discussion when it comes to language learning is the goal of efficiency.  Efficiency comes in lots of forms for language learning, to varying effect.  It’s obviously something to strive for in general, because if you’re working hard, but on something that isn’t efficient, you’re going to have less to show for … Continue reading Efficiency in Language Learning and What it Doesn’t Mean