Don’t Enjoy the Journey, Enjoy the Things

I can't be a Buddhist if I think that THINGS are good, huh? Ah well.

(This blog is the English translation of this week’s primary blog, which was originally written in Spanish.) There’s a common piece of advice for language learning (and perhaps learning anything) that you should enjoy the journey. The end goal is fine and it’s important to have one, but you shouldn’t worry about the goal, rather … Continue reading Don’t Enjoy the Journey, Enjoy the Things

No Disfrutes el Camino, Disfruta las Cosas

No puedo ser Budista si creo que las cosas son buenas, ¿sí? Qué pena.

(This blog entry is written in Spanish.  There will be an English translation available tomorrow morning / Este blog está escrito en español.  Habrá una traducción de inglés disponible mañana por la mañana.) Hay un consejo común para el aprendizaje de idiomas (y a lo mejor el aprendizaje de cualquier cosa) que se debe disfrutar … Continue reading No Disfrutes el Camino, Disfruta las Cosas

Understanding Language Levels Comparatively

A rare case of talking about 'level checks' and not referring to audio.

There are a number of knowledgeable, interesting voices on the internet that offer advice on language learning.  I follow several of them and enjoy hearing their takes on different things.  Often times they present interesting ideas and techniques, and I have taken a large amount of inspiration from a number of those voices—most notably Stephen … Continue reading Understanding Language Levels Comparatively