February 2022 Monthly Recap

On the one hand, yay, novelty. On the other, halp, my structure, nuu...

This blog is comin’ in hot and super late, because I had a weird week of frayed mental space and didn’t get to this until now.  Let’s look at the numbers.

Tuesday 2/22

  • Duolingo: 10 lessons, ~60 minutes

Wednesday 2/23

  • Duolingo: 10 lessons, ~60 minutes

Thursday 2/24

Friday 2/25

  • Duolingo: 10 lessons, ~60 minutes

Saturday 2/26

  • Duolingo: 10 lessons, ~60 minutes

Sunday 2/27

  • Duolingo: 10 lessons, ~60 minutes

Monday 2/28

  • Duolingo: 10 lessons, ~60 minutes

Total Time: 7 hours 0 minutes

Despite my brain being on the fritz (not for bad reasons, it’s just been a stressful chunk of time as I had a job interview that kinda consumed my focus), I’ve kept up with things here, for what it’s worth.  I don’t have much to share on the progress as things haven’t changed much, and to be honest I’ve had to focus my efforts elsewhere, on things like the job interview and the like, and right now the focus on Japanese is a bit of a low priority.  I’m putting in the time and it’s getting easier, but I have a long way to go, and am not going to push myself super hard to get there as fast as possible.

We finished off February this week as well, so let’s look at the month’s numbers too.

  • Total Duolingo: 280 lessons completed, 1,680 minutes
  • Total Time: 28 hours 0 minutes

And here’s the breakdown for money spent.

  • Netflix Subscription Standard HD Plan, Television and Movie Streaming, $10.99 per month, $10.99
  • Disney+ Subscription, Television and Movie Streaming, $6.99 per month, $6.99
  • Amount Spent on Services: $17.98
  • Total Spent: $17.98

A…well, I mean, it’s pretty much as to be expected right now.  Don’t have much to add here with this, and as is probably apparent, my brain’s still off in lala land with everything else going on.  Hopefully shit in my life’s going to settle down in the next month into a new normal and I’ll have the mental bandwidth to focus on this project a bit more, but even if that happens things are in a kinda static place for a while that’s probably not all that interesting while I build up the basics enough to venture into the meat and potatoes of language learning.  I’m starting to feel reasonably confident with hiragana and katakana finally, which is very rewarding, but there’s still a ton to get through before the simplest stuff gets even sort of decipherable.  Language learning is for sure a long-haul activity, and we’ve barely started.

Anyway, that’ll do for this week, we’ll see what March brings us.  TTFN.

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