Understanding Language Levels Comparatively

A rare case of talking about 'level checks' and not referring to audio.

There are a number of knowledgeable, interesting voices on the internet that offer advice on language learning.  I follow several of them and enjoy hearing their takes on different things.  Often times they present interesting ideas and techniques, and I have taken a large amount of inspiration from a number of those voices—most notably Stephen … Continue reading Understanding Language Levels Comparatively

Number of Words Read in Spanish After Another Six Months of Reading

Know what this number heavy blog really needs? More numbers!

It’s been another six months since the last time I added up the total number of words that I’ve read from books in Spanish.  That last time had been six months after the previous time I’d added them up, so at this point it’s a bit of a tradition to look back and reflect on … Continue reading Number of Words Read in Spanish After Another Six Months of Reading

Time Management and Language Learning

For some people, the phrase 'time management' is a profane blasphemy.

An important skill to cultivate when setting out to learn a language is something that has nothing to do with languages, and that is time management.  Regardless of the learning method you pursue, whether that’s formal classes, tutoring, textbook learning, input-based learning, spaced-repetition flashcards, or anything else under the sun, you will fail if you … Continue reading Time Management and Language Learning