Escribimos un Poco de Ficción en Español

¡Es tiempo de cuentos con bats! "Había una vez...era una noche oscuro y..."

(This blog entry is written in Spanish.  There will be an English translation available tomorrow morning / Esta entrada está escrita en español.  Habrá una traducción de inglés disponible mañana por la mañana.) En este blog, voy a hacer algo distinto y escribir ficción en español.  Me encanta escribir ficción y lo hago cada día … Continue reading Escribimos un Poco de Ficción en Español

Time Management and Language Learning

For some people, the phrase 'time management' is a profane blasphemy.

An important skill to cultivate when setting out to learn a language is something that has nothing to do with languages, and that is time management.  Regardless of the learning method you pursue, whether that’s formal classes, tutoring, textbook learning, input-based learning, spaced-repetition flashcards, or anything else under the sun, you will fail if you … Continue reading Time Management and Language Learning

Intensive vs. Extensive Reading

My biggest problem with intensive reading is that I have no attention span.

Something that gets talked about a lot, in both language learning circles and wider academia, is intensive reading vs. extensive reading.  Intensive reading is the careful, focused reading of text with the specific intention of learning something, usually with directed questions about the text afterwards, vocabulary word lists from the text, that sort of thing, … Continue reading Intensive vs. Extensive Reading