January 2022 Week 2 Recap

This is likely the lightest week in the history of this blog. No regurts.

So this week marked a big, important event for me in that I took a long-awaited vacation, and during that time away didn’t do squat when it came to language learning.  I had thought that, perhaps considering there would be downtime, I might get some time to keep things going with the Duolingo lessons in Japanese, but it ended up not working out that way.  I spent very little time on my computer, and when I did I didn’t really have headphones in, so working on everything was rather infeasible.  As such, the numbers for this week are close to non-existent, with only Tuesday and Wednesday still normal days before my trip, and the rest of the time spent out of town.  Let’s look at that little bit of recordkeeping.

Tuesday 1/11

  • Duolingo: 10 lessons, ~60 minutes

Wednesday 1/12

  • Duolingo: 10 lessons, ~60 minutes

Thursday 1/13

Friday 1/14

  • No progress

Saturday 1/15

  • No progress

Sunday 1/16

  • No progress

Monday 1/17

  • No progress

Total Time: 2 hours 0 minutes

So there you go, next to nothing, with a ton of streak-freezes burned through on Duolingo, and I am not in the least bit sorry.  This trip was, well, wonderful for me, and I’m understating a lot about it in just calling it that.  The blog itself is late because of that trip, seeing as today, the day it’s going live, is the travel day of going home and recovering from the wreckage that is my former sleep “schedule,” and I’m drafting this to put it up as soon as everything’s done.  That means that unless I get a wellspring of extra energy before the night is up, there won’t be any numbers for the very start of next week’s blog, either, then things will resume as expected on Wednesday.  That’s a sneak preview, though, and things remain to be seen, as I certainly could get that second wind.

Don’t have much to say in terms of language learning, though might have some interesting notes about what taking a good chunk of a week off in the really early stage can do to your progress for next week’s blog, so perhaps tune in for that one.  Until then, I am very tired and am going to relax until normal life resumes tomorrow for me.  TTFN

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