March 2022 Week 3 Recap

I hadn't been sick since 2019, and I can say I could do without colds.

Here we go, blog time, let’s look at the progress for the week.

Tuesday 3/15

  • Duolingo: 10 lessons, ~60 minutes

Wednesday 3/16

  • Duolingo: 10 lessons, ~60 minutes

Thursday 3/17

Friday 3/18

  • Duolingo: 10 lessons, ~60 minutes

Saturday 3/19

  • Duolingo: 10 lessons, ~60 minutes

Sunday 3/20

  • Duolingo: 10 lessons, ~60 minutes

Monday 3/21

  • Duolingo: 10 lessons, ~60 minutes

Total Time: 7 hours 0 minutes

So after being sick for a while, I’m finally feeling well all the way again.  I’ve got a touch of a lingering cough and a smidge of extra congestion still, but otherwise am back to normal, which I’m rather grateful for, not the least of which being because of my upcoming vacation.  As this blog goes up, that’s only ten days away (yes I am counting down to it, what of it?) and I would be very put out to still be sick while trying to enjoy my time with my partner.  Hopefully the bit of a cough and stuffy sinuses are totally gone by the time I see her, but as it is, I’m feeling well enough now.

I have defaulted a bit to talking about my personal life stuff coming up in here again, because I don’t have a ton to say about language learning activities these days, unfortunately.  It isn’t that I’m not dedicated to working on it, because I am, I’m doing my best to put in a reasonable amount of time every day working on the foundational building blocks of Japanese, but there’s just so much laying the groundwork there that I don’t have a ton to show of it.  My biggest focus as of late has been in learning katakana and hiragana as I’ve said, and there just isn’t much exciting to say about that.  It is getting easier to recognize and recall characters as I see them, and sight-reading words is growing faster.  Am I there yet?  Not by a longshot, but I’m getting closer at least.

Anyway, without much to say, all I can do is look forward on stuff to do.  The next blog will be the last full one before my vacation, and I’m not planning on sweating any of this while I’m on that with my partner, so we may miss a week’s update entirely and I’ll post a double-update after, perhaps.  We’ll see, depends on what my free time looks like.

That’ll do for this short update, until next time, TTFN.

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