March 2022 Week 1 Recap

I haven't really been sick since 2019, so I suppose I was overdue. Ugh.

I seem to have come down with a cold this week, but have kept on with my language learning endeavors, so let’s jump straight to the numbers.

Tuesday 3/01

  • Duolingo: 10 lessons, ~60 minutes

Wednesday 3/02

  • Duolingo: 10 lessons, ~60 minutes

Thursday 3/03

Friday 3/04

  • Duolingo: 10 lessons, ~60 minutes

Saturday 3/05

  • Duolingo: 10 lessons, ~60 minutes

Sunday 3/06

  • Duolingo: 10 lessons, ~60 minutes

Monday 3/07

  • Duolingo: 10 lessons, ~60 minutes

Total Time: 7 hours 0 minutes

A once again boringly normal week to start of March.  Don’t have much to say about things right now as we’re still in the early going.  Also I am currently rather sick, started coming down with something yesterday, slept for about 16 hours off and on, and got up for long enough to eat something and write this short blog and stuff.  I’m already starting to feel better from napping through the worst of it and will be going back to bed to nap some more now, hopefully next week might be a bit more exciting a blog.  Don’t have the energy for more this week, so signing off now.  TTFN.

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